Just Pjust Print It mast head copyv1rint It (JPI) is a multimedia content creation activity for students at the Grant D. Morse Elementary school nestled at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains.

Students are involved in all aspects of news gathering and reporting in both print anDec 14 page 1 copyd video formats.  Since 1991, over 130 regular editions have been published and 15 special editions have been published in this completely self-funded and self-sufficient learning activity.

Just Print It is also the primary producer and sponsor of school activities such as the Mustang Bowl, Pickle Bowl, Dodge Bowl, Morse Rocks Music and Arts Festival, as well as video programs such as Morse Beat, Inside Just Print It, JPI TV IMG_6302Sports and special events programming.

JPI TV, Just Print It Television had its beginning in 2010 and now holds the capability to produce multi-camera “live” productions completely produced by fifth and sixth graders.

Just Print It helps students understand and demonstrate commitment to truth, objectivity and the importance of working for a larger purpose.  Students are involved in all editorial decisions and take responsibility for the its’ content.


Recent Just Print It Editions

JPI Edition 140- May 2016

JPI Edition 137 -February 2015 pdf file

JPI Edition 136- December 2014

JPI Edition 135 -October 2014


Recent JPI TV Programs