Kolker Returns!

David Kolker Band at the Bitter End

David Kolker Band at the Bitter End

David Kolker and his band will be making their return to Morse Rocks and bringing their dynamic sound which has resonated the legendary walls of the famed Bitter End night club in New York City for years.  Kolker and his band are playing Saturday, June 18 and demonstrating to the Hudson Valley why they are considered one of the most enjoyable bands in the Big Apple.

In a recent email interview, David expressed his thoughts and feelings about Morse Rocks, music and his career.

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Why are you coming back to the Morse Rocks Festival?
We had such a good time last year at Morse Rocks.  Joe Defino and the team he rallied to help organize the event were so hospitable and the acts were all high quality.  Everyone came together for the right reasons, to play great music and have some fun doing it.  Coming back was an easy call!

Why is it important for artists to network and collaborate?
Networking is an important part of an artist’s development.  Whether its business in terms of two acts Dave Kolkercoming together to share venue and industry connections or just finding influence from the experience of checking out what other performers are up to – there’s much to be gained from looking out for that connection.  Last year, we got to see so many great acts at Morse Rocks from local acts to national touring bands.  There was much to be learned!

What can the audience expect from the Dave Kolker Band?
We’ll be playing tracks from our recently released 10 song EP called Standing on a Wire.  The performances on the album were based on the live work we’ve been doing for the past 10 years, dialing in a sound and a finding ways to connect with our listeners.  The audience experience is an extension of a lot of sweaty nights developing what we do at the Bitter End in NYC.

What is it like to be a regular act at the Bitter End?
We love it there.  Its home.  I can’t say enough good things about the way the Bitter End treats artists.  The people there are a family and its nice to be in that orbit.  Paul Colby, Kenny Gorka and now Paul Rizzo have and continue to give artists the kind of opportunity and nurturing they need to develop and grow.  This band has benefited from being a part of that family for over ten years.


How has the experience at the Bitter End influenced you as a musician?
Yes.  Having the opportunity to play the same room as a resident has allowed the band to develop a sound within the framework of a consistent physical space.  I’m also struck by the history of the place.  Every night I’m there I find myself, even for a few minutes, studying the walls and tables for the murals, posters and flyers from over the past 60 years.  So much has happened there.  It’s a special place.

Worn with the work of a master.

Worn with the work of a master.

What advice do you have for artists who are trying to find their way in the business?
Do what you love and be organized about it!

What was the best advice you have ever received?
A number of years ago, I left a job to pursue a career in music.  Excited and a little nervous about my decision, I called a friend, a very well regarded drummer and industry veteran for some advice and I was thinking, encouragement.  When I told I him I’d quit my job, he asked if I could get it back.  Tough to hear, but he made a point that this a very hard way to make a living and a back-up plan is a very good thing.  You may love that too!

Can you give a brief discography of your work and projects you may be presently working on?
Sure.  We’ve done 4 records:

Tuesday (1999)

Letting Go (2001)

Antennas (2007)

Standing on a Wire (2016)

Who else is in the band?
I play guitar and sing

Nikolaus Schubeck – Drums

Brett Bass – Bass (no kidding)

Paul LeFebvre – Pedal Steel

Andrea Monorchio – Guitar

John Deley – Keys

Nik, Andrea and John also sing in the band.

One sentence which describes the Dave Kolker Band.
Sounds like Ray Charles if he grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, skateboarding and playing guitar.

Any additional information you would like to share?
Come out!  

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