Morse Rocks adds Film Fest

Just Print It proudly announces the addition of the latest feature to the Morse Rocks Music and Arts Festival scheduled for June 17 and 18, 2016.  Short films produced by aspiring and professional filmmakers will make their debut at this year’s festival.

Morse Rocks AdvisoryThe festival, which takes place at the Smokin’ Pony BBQ in Saugerties, provides the unique opportunity for established and up-and-coming artists of varied disciplines such as music, performance and visual art.  “Art is meant to be shared and Morse Rocks gives inexperienced artists the chance to display and develop their respective talents alongside those who have spent their lives creating art,” said organizer and teacher Joe Defino. “We are thrilled to continue to broaden our scope to include the talents of filmmakers,” he added.  “Today’s technology has put tools in the hands of artists which were previously unavailable, as a result we are seeing an explosion of tremendous story-telling through video.  We will be giving these digital story tellers a chance to share their work with our festival goers,” he added.

The film segment of the festival will display short films of assorted genres such as documentary, drama and comedy.  The films will be suitable for all audiences and shown throughout the festival which will also include of over 30 musical acts, a visual arts display area, poetry and comedy performances.

Applications for submission of original films to the festival can be obtained through the official website:  All applications must be received by March 10, 2016.  All filmmakers are eligible submit an application.  Film Festival Application Morse Rocks Music and Festival 2016

Defino, an elementary teacher in Saugerties, started the Morse Rocks festival in 2011 to provide young musicians with a “stage” to share ideas, advice and inspiration with professional local and national musicians.  The concept was to provide artist a forum much like athletes have in stadiums and arenas.  “Morse Rocks gives young people who don’t necessarily fit the academic or athletic model a chance to live out their dreams and passions in front of an authentic festival audience.” Subsequent festivals have included a larger variety of artistic offerings and artists to achieve the same objectives. “We want this festival to be about the artists.  We want them to have the opportunity to network, share and, as a result grow their talents and, thus have a greater impact on the community.  We have a increasing number of people who benefit greatly from this type of event.”

Last year, the festival was moved from its original site, the Morse School to the Smokin’ Pony BBQ located on Kings Highway in Saugerties to allow for additional amenities to be provided for festival goers.

Tickets and further information will be forthcoming.

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