Morse Rocks Presents: Hudson’s Crew


Hudson’s Crew

In the manner which Henry Hudson “discovered” the beauty of the Hudson River and made multiple return trips to the North American continent, Matt Hogan, Bob Baker and Paddy Defino “discovered” a hidden treasure within themselves. Together they are Hudson’s Crew, a fresh, clean and polished power trio bridging rhythm and blues with modern alternative qualities.

Hudson’s Crew played past Morse Rocks, but this year they are taking the role of Friday night headliner as they close the festivities after Liar’s Vow and Late Night Bloomer. The band recorded a very successful EP in 2012 with producer/engineer Jim Barbaro, which immediately caught the attention of producer/percussionist Jerry Marotta, who has been working to bring the band to a full length recording in his Dreamland Studio.  Marotta has produced a number of Suzanne Vega’s albums and made his fame as a world class percussionist with Peter Gabriel.

The band is steadily getting noticed by fans and bookers alike.  They have performed at a number of local night clubs and venues and have been invited to play at the Rosendale Street Festival, The Bitter End, and the Children of the World Festival.


A unique blend of R & B which will get your feet moving.

Songwriters Matt Hogan and Paddy Defino have been writing and playing since they attended junior high school.  They performed in the annual high school lip sync to the approval of the diverse audiences and recognized as  “Top Live Act” for three consecutive years.  Hogan, guitarist and songwriter, possesses a voice which immediately makes new ears take notice and old ears long for more.  His guitar playing is subtly powerful with rhythms which invade one’s soul.  Defino is a powerhouse of energy on the kit adding flourishes of “Keith Moon” while maintaining a background beat which is supplemented by Bob Baker’s, precise and attentive bass fills.

Hogan will be transferring from the UCCC Music Program to the Crane School of Music at Potsdam, while Paddy is heading to nearby Clarkson University to finish his Engineering degree.  Like the “discovery” of Hudson’s Bay by Henry Hudson and his crew, the North Country will join the Hudson Valley in discovering Hudson’s Crew.  Let’s hope, the expedition completes without mutiny, however, unlike poor Henry.

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Paddy Defino, drummer/song writer – Hudson’s Crew

1) We are performing at Morse Rocks for one simple reason… We love to play!! This festival is a great opportunity to get on stage and do what we love to do. We are also very excited to share the stage with so many great local acts. Morse Rocks is a fun and exciting festival that we never want to miss.

2) Getting gigs and playing venues is always a challenge as a young aspiring group. The hardest thing was getting people to take us seriously. We always stuck to our guns and played our hearts out. Eventually, we gained the support of friends and family members as well as local bars and restaurants.

3) Morse Rocks provides musicians the opportunity to perform their music or present their art along side numerous other groups who all want the same thing. The atmosphere at Morse Rocks is perfect for the local bands doing there thing, as well as the larger bands that want to blow the roof off! It is definitely a worthwhile festival for the musicians and especially the audience.

4) At Morse Rocks this year, we really want to put on a great show. We want everyone to leave with a smile on their face. If we can do that for our fans and the other people watching, it will be a successful evening.

5) If there is one thing we have learned as a band, it is to expand our musical horizons. Sharing thoughts and ideas is such an important thing to do as an artist. We love to explore all types of genres and we always try to learn from other acts.

6) The best advice we can give to aspiring artists is to just go for it. Find what you love and take off with it. Work hard at your dreams and you will succeed. However, it’s going to take time. Patience, persistence, and practice! But most importantly have fun and have faith in your tunes!

7) As of right now some of the high points in our career include playing at the Chance theater in Poughkeepsie, recording our first EP, and something that is currently in the works… Hopefully we can announce it soon!

8) Audiences can expect a great show from us. We always leave it all on the stage and we love to play. We believe that anyone who has never seen us before will really enjoy our music.

9) The members of our band are Matt Hogan (guitar, vocals), Bob Baker (bass, occasional didgeridoo), and me, Paddy Defino (drums).

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