Morse Rocks Presents: Inatia and The Wrightson Project

Matthew Bover is the reason the Morse Rocks Music and Arts Festival exists.  There is nothing free about Matt’s public education.  He has paid dearly for his soon to be earned High School diploma.  The offerings of the modern educational system found little to no significance in his young life, and have caused him much frustration and pain. Classroom learning has never been easy or enjoyable. Matt, a very intelligent and interested young man, does not fit the Math, Science and English structure provided as a sole means of indicating one’s academic worth.  However, he has ignited a dream to go to college and pursue music education.



It was at an elementary school Guitar Hero competition that Matt got the recognition he deserved from his peers.  He was a guitar hero in every sense of the word as he literally obliterated all competition within the first few notes of his performance.  Matt came alive and discovered he had something many of his classmates could only dream, he had music in his soul and it needed a way to get out.

As he moved to seventh grade, Matt asked to study with music teacher Bernhard Spirig in hopes of learning to play for real.  He was ready, willing and yearning to be able.  Matt devoured extra-help sessions, lunch sessions and early morning sessions developing his skills on different instruments in hopes of forming his own band.  Matt’s mother and father encouraged him and helped him by providing equipment and access to shows and concerts to further inspire his desire.

Soon Matt found a few others who shared the same disconnect with the classroom, yet had a skill set untapped by traditional programs. Matt and his friends did what so many young people who have this unique talent do, start a garage band.  Play it loud and proud is the motto as the new found power of music resonates from their respective souls needing to be heard by all the world.  They experienced a freedom of expression never before known to them.

As they matured and became more discerning, the volume became matched and the music began to develop.  They needed to share their music.  But how?  They were young, unconnected and unknown.  There are no opportunities to reach an audience besides a Lip Sync or a Talent Show which are quick displays, but reveal very little in the form of  evaluation, critique and appreciation.  Morse Rocks is for performers and artists such as Matt.  This is what it is all about.  Sharing the stage with the best in the world in front of an audience that is all about music and art.

Matt on drums with Inatia.

Matt on drums with Inatia.

Matt and his band at the time “Dark Crusade” performed at the 2nd Morse Rocks when he was only a ninth grader. This time around Matt is heading up two groups with two distinct sounds.  He is working with some new band mates and experimenting with all types of sound and timing.  His growth as a musician and band leader has been exponential since he first started playing just 6 years ago, but he is just beginning a career that will enlighten and amaze people for the rest of his life.  His education at the scholastic level is almost complete, but his true education is just beginning. He has found what moves him and makes him whole, now it is time for the world to reap the benefit.

Tickets available now.  Special rates for high school students.

Matt Bover, leader of Inatia and The Wrightson Project:

1- Why are you performing at Morse Rocks?
We are playing Morse rocks because keeping local music alive is one of the most import things to us! Inatia (originally The Dark Crusade) performed at the original Morse Rocks and it was a huge inspiration for us and we now as Inatia want to be apart of that yet again! The Wrightson Project’s NEW, never before sound with technical chops and odd metered music along with Inatia’s PROGGY sound is new music no one has ever really heard before and we are so grateful to be able to share it with the people of Saugerties!
 2- As a young artist, what were some of the challenges you faced in getting gigs and getting noticed?
As young artists we were always never taken seriously. Ever.  Everyone always thought we were unprofessional. we were NEVER given then chance soley on our age. Especially playing at bars. Still today even if age isn’t the issue there’s always the issue that “Oh you guys don’t have a singer.. too bad” and that has always been very depressing for all of us. Again why were SO grateful to be doing this!
3- What do you think a festival such as Morse Rocks does for all artists?
Morse Rocks outlet for inspiration! It’s an outlet for local talent! Its an outlet for passion! Its an event that portrays the true God given talent of today’s generation. And is an amazing place for aspiring musicians/poets to get some inspiration and realize why they are so passionate for their craft. That in itself is AMAZING!
The Wrightson Project

The Wrightson Project

4- What are you hoping to accomplish by performing at Morse Rocks?

We are hoping to inspire others and get our name out there and put on a rockin’ show! We want to demonstrate our one of a kind technical music to the local area, in hopes we can make more of a name for ourselves in the Saugerties area. We want to portray musicality, technicality and the intellectual side of music to today’s generation!
5- Why is it important for artists to share information and ideas?
Inatia and The Wrightson project have spent years studying music along with music theory and the intellectual side of music. We touch areas of music that haven’t really been touched before with the integration of weird chords, odd time signatures, and weird movements that today’s music doesn’t include for the most part. we hope to share this information and these techniques to the new breed of musicians!
6- What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
Rome wasn’t built over night. Don’t stop, never stop!
7- What are some of the high points of your career?
(Inatia)- playing with Allman Brothers bassist and drummer Oteil and Butch Trucks. (The Wrightson Project)- Morse Rocks will be our debut, we are a new band and hope that Morse Rocks helps get the name out there 🙂
8- What can audiences expect from your performance?
Different! Rocking! Heavy! Very odd…
9- Who are the members of your band?
Inatia- Matt Bover, David McDonough, Chogyi Lama, Francis Mejia
The Wrightson Project-  Jeff Wrightson, Matt Bover
    Hope you guys like the music! its very different. Might need some time for your ears to get accustomed to. I just hope you guys enjoy! We will bring a list for everyone to sign if they are interested in albums! Both bands are in middle of writing for albums!
The Wrightson Project-


– Inatia and The Wrightson Project