Morse Rocks Presents: Katie Hoffstatter

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Katie Hoffstatter

Singer/songwriter Katie Hoffstatter is on the fast track to recognition.  Her voice and melody captures and holds audiences spellbound in much the same manner as the great females of the 1960’s and 70’s.  She is able to maintain her own identity while emanating back to the sounds of Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt mixed with a touch of Emmylou Harris.

Katie, only a junior in high school, has been developing her skills for the past four years and has found instant approval with her audiences.  Though she enjoys performing cover tunes, her preference is songwriting and playing her own originals. Presently, Katie is studying with local guitar and voice guru, Bobby Farris, and often collaborates with fellow musician and classmate Matt vigna.

Katie  is currently working on a demo and hopes to spend her summer playing at venues near and far.

Katie will be performing Friday, June 19. Tickets on sale now!

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1- Why are you performing at Morse Rocks?
I am a former GDM student so the school is near and dear to me. In addition, I love performing and this is great exposure.
2- As a young artist, what are some of the challenges you face in getting gigs and getting noticed?
People often don’t take me seriously because I am 16 years old. It seems that the gigs I tend to get are non paying gigs. It’s fine for now because I am getting experience and exposure, but I do hope to make some money doing what I love.
3- What do you think a festival such as Morse Rocks does for all artists?
Morse Rocks provides an opportunity for young artists like myself to show what we can do. It creates a sense of community amongst all of the artists and reminds some of the more seasoned artists where they came from.
4- What are you hoping to accomplish by performing at Morse Rocks?
Every time I perform anywhere, I know I am reaching more people that have not seen me perform, so of course Morse Rocks will provide me more exposure. Not only that, but every time I play for an audience, I become better at what I do. Of course, I also want to have a good time while performing and watching the other acts.
5- Why is it important for artists to share information and ideas?
I feel it is important because in doing so, music can evolve. I love when an artist in one genre collaborates with another artist from another genre. It makes music less stagnant. In sharing information and ideas, artists also stay humble. If an artist is open to other artist’s ideas that means the artist appreciates other’s work. In doing so, it allows the artist to broaden his/her own work.
6- What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
Although I myself am an aspiring artist, I would suggest that an aspiring artist have fun, be true to yourself and don’t get discouraged by negative comments. Take criticism in stride and continue to practice your art.
7- What are some of the high points of your career?
The best feeling is when I get applause. I also love when I can reach someone on an emotional level, such as when someone tears up or when someone starts dancing while I am performing. I got a pretty good feeling when teachers or people I know in a different setting see me perform and get surprised that I can sing and play guitar.
8- What can audiences expect from your performances?
I am a solo artist with the singer/songwriter acoustic vibe. I bring youth and melody to my performances.
9- Who are the members of your band?
I generally perform solo, but will have another guitarist accompany me this time for a couple songs. It adds a little depth to certain songs. Matt
Vigna is a fellow student at Saugerties High School and is an extremely talented guitarist. Matt has performed with me before and has been instrumental in helping me record songs for my demo.