Morse Rocks Presents: The Carl Mateo Group

The Carl Mateo Group returns to the Morse Rocks Music and Arts Festival on June 19 and 20 at the Smokin’ Pony in Saugerties, NY.  Songwriter, musician and singer Carl Mateo is a Catskill Mountain gem just waiting to be discovered by listeners who appreciate blues-based rhythms with lyrics which haunt the soul.

Mateo brings a wonderful blend of harmonica, guitar and keyboards to his arrangements and is backed by a incredibly talented group of Woodstock, NY based artists. Drummer Josh Tyler,  acoustic and electric guitarist Peter Dougan and Paul Schaivo on bass make this group come to life. This is a tightly connected group of incredibly talented musicians which capture a modern perspective to the roots of the blues.

Mateo have played in some of the most influential blues venues on the east coast and will be playing at Levon Helm’s legendary home studio on June 19.  He is also a regular at local clubs throughout the Hudson Valley. He recorded a critically acclaimed album in 2003 entitled “Big White House.” They are presently finishing up an album and are very excited for its upcoming release.

The Carl Mateo Group will be hitting the stage on Saturday night finding their slot between Vermont bands Waylon Speed and The Bow Thayer Band.

Tickets are on sale now.  Don’t miss your opportunity to discover this incredible talent.


Carl Mateo Answers “Questions.”

1- Why are you performing at Morse Rocks?
Because (Morse Rocks) has a fantastic vision for incorporating music and art into the fabric of our neighborhoods.
2- As a young artist, what were some of the challenges you faced in getting gigs and getting noticed?
    I was very lucky to have an independent and core following of friends and music lovers who  supported me. Play music for everyone, include everyone. You never know where you will find your own following and support.
3- What do you think a festival such as Morse Rocks does for all artists?
   Just bringing different styles and levels of musicians together to celebrate and play. Good living.
4- What are you hoping to accomplish by performing at Morse Rocks?
  Play some great music, hear some great music and make some new friends
5- Why is it important for artists to share information and ideas?
  Life is short.
6- What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
  Play your hearts out. Listen all the time.
7- What are some of the high points of your career?
   Having met and shared the stage with some of my heroes as musicians and songwriters/lyricists.for example: John Hammond Jr, Jorma Kaukonen, and Robert Hunter ( lyricist for the Grateful Dead ). All American treasures.
8- What can audiences expect from your performance?
  Always something new in the music and the band is kickin!
9- Who are the members of your band?
Peter Dougan on acoustic and electric guitar and vocals. Left handed master.
Josh Tyler on drums. Saugerties native who is eminently musical. Plays songs which is a high compliment for a drummer/
Paul Schiavo on Fender Bass. Cracks me up and plays awesome music.
10- Any other information you would like to include:
We are nearly finished with a new record and everyone in the band is psyched about our songs and our sound. We have been having that feeling, that good feeling when we play. Just makes you want more.