Morse Rocks Presents: The David Kolker Band

The David Kolker Band will be packing up its assortment of bruised and battered guitars and traveling 100 miles north from NYC to the beautiful Catskill

Dave just beginning to warm up.

Dave just beginning to warm up.

Mountains to bruise and batter your impressions of what an emotional performance can be. Kolker is not only a master of the guitar, but he and his band are able to pour their guts and expose their souls through their gritty, grimy and spectacularly beautiful music.  Absolutely no pretenses here.  It is straight ahead, come and get it, rock and roll.

JamBase writer Larry List compares listening to a recording of the David Kolker Band or watching them on youtube to seeing a natural wonder on a postcard. “But (there is a) difference between looking at a postcard of the Grand Canyon versus being there at the edge of the rim. Kolker and the Band were like the Colorado River running rough and wild – cutting deep, fat, beautiful grooves into the aural landscape. Blues is where they were coming from, but where they are going to is the musical question that has kept me and a lot of other people so intrigued. Time and again he would box himself into almost impossible emotional and musical space only to fight his way out by turning fear into fury and rage into redemption.”

Kolker and his band will be appearing Saturday, June 18 and playing a full set later in the afternoon.  The music starts at 1 PM on Saturday and 5PM on Friday June, 17.  Tickets packages are available now.

Why are you performing at Morse Rocks?

We’re performing because we love to get on stage and make music together. We usually do that in NYC where we live and when Joe asked us to take a road trip, we thought it would be fun to get out of town and join some other great acts for a few days of fun doing what we all love.
As a young artist, what were some of the challenges you face in getting gigs and getting noticed?

Earlier on, I think our biggest challenges always came back to my own insecurities of not feeling comfortable owning up to who I was as a musician and as a

David Kolker Band at the Bitter End

David Kolker Band at the Bitter End

performer. As I developed I learned to believe in myself more and understand that I had something valuable to offer and it was most valuable if I was practiced, authentic and transparent. All of that led me to make sure that I was always telling the truth in my music in a way that was simple and to the point. I found that when I did that, I connected best with an audience and I enjoyed it most. I’ve also learned to take what you do seriously, but not take yourself too seriously. It’s a tough balance to strike, but when you do things get lighter and easier to carry.
What do you think a festival such as Morse Rocks does for all artists?

Of course, a festival like the one I believe Joe and his team are organizing at Morse Rocks gives artists a platform showcase their talents. But, it also gives artists a chance to see what other acts are doing and if they are open to it, this will allow them to grow into areas they might not have had they not had the exposure.
What are you hoping to accomplish by performing at Morse Rocks?

I’m looking forward to playing for a new audience and I hope to get them interested in what we’re doing as a band. We’ve just finished a record and are in the process of having it manufactured now and while we won’t have this album ready for sale at the festival, we’ll be playing songs off of the record during our set and I’m looking forward to seeing new folks react to that. I am also hoping to meet other musicians and learn more about what others are up to.
Why is it important for artists to share information and ideas?

Collaboration between artists is so important and provides a means to help each other break through and grow. You can be listening to a bands set and be

Worn with the work of a master.

Worn with the work of a master.

inspired by anything from the way they dress to the musical dynamics between the performers. You never know what’s going to knock you out, so you have to pay attention to everything!
What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Listen and Stay Open!

What are some of the high points of your career?

My favorite career highlights may seem drab to others, but for me it has always been about the moments when the music is connected and that’s never been in big gig situations. Its generally happened in rooms like the Baggot Inn, Kenny’s and the Bitter End. When it’s been the band, the engineer, bar staff and the crowd and that one moment where a vocal carries the room or a guitar noise just excites. It’s all about the moment and they are fleeting. So, when they happen, they are very special.
What can audiences expect from your performance?

Loud guitars and a rock band. But, the guitars will be in tune and as an added bonus, we have a pedal steel in the band and he plays at the correct volume!

Who are the members of your band?

The band consists of me, David Kolker on guitars and vocals, Paul LeFebvre on pedal steel, Andrea Monorchio on guitars and vocals, Brett Bass on Bass (no kidding) and Nikolaus Schuhbeck on drums and vocals.

David Kolker (Band)