Mose Rocks Presents: El Yeah!

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El Yeah! – Saturday, June 20


Just Print It is proud to announce the appearance of local band El Yeah! at the Morse Rocks Music and Arts Festival on June 19 and 20 at the Smokin’ Pony in Saugerties.  El Yeah! is a four-person rock band from Saugerties, NY. Their pure, unadulterated rock and roll sound finds its influence from classic rock and early ’90’s grunge.

Producer/Engineer and serial songwriter Jules Taylor (ASCAP, formed this group in 2014 with Drew North, Byron Frayne, and Billy Rogan. Bass player North was with Sony recording group “Underdog,” Frayne was the face of the NIN tribute band “SIN” and NYC act “Suckerpunch”, while guitarist, songwriter, and composer Billy Rogan just came off a tour of the

El Yeah!

El Yeah!

east coast supporting his solo material, and has recently been awarded the honor of being featured on the American Society of Composers and Publishing’s (ASCAP) website for their highly-acclaimed Audio Portraits series.

El Yeah recorded its first EP in November 2014 entitled “Welcome to August” at Flymax Recording with producer/engineer Pete Caigan. Set to record a full-length debut album in May, El Yeah will be previewing songs from this project at Morse Rocks.

Jules says, “El Yeah is an act that stays true to its Rock and Roll influences… with powerful lyrical content and a signature overdriven guitar tone, the songs and performances appeal to all generations.”

El Yeah! is scheduled to play Saturday, June 20 along with headliners Bow Thayer and Waylon Speed.

Tickets on Sale Now! Daily and weekend passes are available.

JPI Interview with Jules Taylor:

1.) Why are you performing at Morse Rocks?
Well it’s a fantastic opportunity to play in our home town, and it’s a wonderful cause, both raising the awareness of how important it is to have a forum for artists to publicly perform, and also funding the Dennis Jones Performing Arts Amphitheater Project.
2.) As a young artist, what were some of the challenges you face(d) in getting gigs and getting noticed?
I think young artists have to come to the realization that whatever it is they want to do, or wherever it is they want to take their art, they’re not going to do it alone. It takes a team, support, mentors and more experienced artists to nurture, encourage and help them hone their craft. Having a local venue makes all of the above much easier but even with that, it’s never easy. It is nice not having to drive many miles away to play a gig, and it’s always sweet to play your back yard to people you know.
3.) What do you think a festival such as Morse Rocks does for all artists?
Morse Rocks really lifts up young artists, and reminds the community there is budding talent all around them. Artists in their youth tend to struggle with arriving at an artistic identity, and this festival provides them with an opportunity to perform along side the very people they look up to, and that alone is inspiring enough to carry them quite far.
4.) What are you hoping to accomplish by performing at Morse Rocks?
I’m personally hoping some kid out there asks his parents for an electric guitar, or a drum set, or a bass, or whatever- bang on it, strum it, whatever instrument isn’t important, but getting kids involved with music and playing as early as possible is something I strongly believe in.
5.) Why is it important for artists to share information and ideas?
Because no one does it all on their own. Music is a communal experience, both for the listeners and the performers. Often it takes an interaction with someone of the same (or different) musical mindset to spark new ideas, or offer new perspectives. It’s why collaboration is so powerful, amongst artists of any medium.
6.) What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Start doing it. Don’t do it tomorrow, and don’t get trapped in a ‘one day’ trap saying that ‘one day’ you’ll do it. Do it now. Find what makes you want to do it now, and keep that around you all the time. Find your muse, and don’t let it out of your site. Oh, and do it now.
7.) What are some of the high points of your career?
The highest points are still to come, but if I had to choose one, I’d probably pick the first time I saw my name on the inside of an album sleeve. I always wanted to be a part of the record making process, whether that was as an artist, producer, engineer, session player, etc. Finally seeing that I had done that made me want to do it again, and again, and…
8.) What can audiences expect from your performance?
We’re a Rock and Roll band, and that’s what you’re going to see- 4 guys playing loud rock music, because we’re excited about rock music. I don’t think Rock and Roll is as popular as other genres these days, and that’s a shame- because to me, and the rest of the guys, Rock and Roll has been and always will be king.
9.) Who are the members of your band?
Well there’s me, Jules Taylor, and I play guitar, I sing, I stomp on pedals and write the tunes. There’s Drew North, and he plays the bass and keeps the groove. There’s Byron Frayne, who we call ‘The Frayner’, and he’s usually helping everyone keep time by banging real hard on these metal cans, and then there’s Billy Rogan, who can shred and eat a sandwich at the same time while holding a cup of tea.
10.) Any other information you’d like to include:
Check us out on the web at and, and find us on Facebook at