Mr. Bob Siracusano, The Man behind Holiday in the Village

By Ashly Pitt and Jenna Wormell

Already known as “Mr. Saugerties”, Bob Siracusano, owner of Sawyer Motors, can also be known as “Mr. Christmas.”


Bob Siracusano and Ray Tucker getting ready to give away toys!

Recently, he and his team of employees and volunteers put on the fifth annual Holiday in the Village in the village of Saugerties. Siracusano recently visited Morse school for a JPI TV interview on the show INSIDE Just Print It. He described the reasons for bringing Holiday in the Village to Saugerties, also known as Christmas in the Village. “When I see the joy in the faces of the kids, it makes it all worthwhile,” he said. “When that young boy, 5 or 6 years old, said he never won anything until he came to Christmas in the Village…,” Bob said it was outstanding. “Moments like that really impact me.”

Each year, he is able to give away thousands of dollars in gifts and toys to children and this year topped them all. Over $18,000 worth of toys and gifts were given away this year. “We get checks. Also friends and business like Sawyer Savings bank helps us with the money. Children line up with hopes to win bikes, computers, dolls, TV’s, tablets, gaming devices, gloves, sporting goods and many other items.


The JPI TV production team discusses how the program is produced.

“We live in such a community and you great kids go to great schools. Everybody loves what we do,” he said. He’s been doing Christmas in the village for 5 years and they raffled off over 700 bikes. This year they gave away over 130 bikes, alone. “There is no better place than Saugerties. We have so many things going on like the car show, Hudson Valley Garlic Festival and a lot more,” he continued. Christmas in the village started slow and they only handed out 25-30 things, but it has grown to some-thing huge. “We go to different places. Walmart gives us a grant to purchase more.” Bob and his team of volunteers check for sales and is not taxed because of his Sawyer Auto-motive Charitable Foundation. He usually gets most of the great gifts from Walmart and he always looks for sale.

The money to purchase these gifts not only comes from Sawyer Motors and grants. “We have people that come in and say the love what we are doing and will give us a $200 check and tell us to buy toys for the kids.”

This year Mr. Siracusano said the village got the Christmas tree from a home-owner in Barclay Heights.
This year, there were about 2000-3000 people at the event including about 800 kids. Ray Tucker, and bob’s daughter his daughter Macy and his staff help him with this event.

Thank you Bob for making this such a great day for our town.

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