No Morse Scratches, No More Ticks: Nurse Beth Retires

Interview conducted by Jenna Wormell

Beth Ann Heppner Weishaupt, better known as Nurse Beth is putting her medical kit away and taking all of her ice packs out of the freezer. If you have a boo-boo or a headache, you will have to find someone else to provide the tender, loving care. She is putting her combs, band aids and thermometers in the cabinet and walking away from Grant D. Morse school for the last time.

“I will miss everything about Morse school,” she said. “I will miss the students and the staff. This has been my home away from home for the past 16 years. It is my other family.”

Nurse Beth, the sister-in-law of former Morse principal Bruce Eymann, joined the staff in 2000, the same year as Coach Constable. She has been a Registered Professional Nurse for 42 years. Before coming to Morse, Nurse Beth worked in the hospital doing emergency room nursing and working with doctors. “I decided to become a nurse in high school because there were very limited choices for a young girl in those days. I knew that I did not want to remain at my summer job on a full time
basis after graduation. I was a long distance operator at the New York Telephone Co. and I absolutely hated it. I attended John A. Coleman High School and volunteering at the Nursing Home was a weekly event. Unlike many of my friends, I enjoyed visiting with the older residents. I did not mind the smell and or how the elderly patients looked. I realized that with my limited options, nursing would be best for me. I know now that I had a calling for this profession.”
Working with old people and young people has been a common love of Nurse Beth’s. “I have so many beautiful memories of Morse it is hard for me to pick just one. I loved when I was invited to attend the 4th grade field trip with an ill student to Howe Caverns. He said that it was the best field trip he had ever been on.”
Nurse Beth will not be resting on her accomplishment’s in retirement. She will be busy bringing smiles to all
who meet her and possibly stopping back in from time-to-time. “I am thinking about doing some part time work back in the hospital perhaps the emergency room or in wound care. I do intend to be on the substitute nursing list for the Saugerties Schools. I also plan to do some volunteer work with The Office of the Aging,” she said.

No matter what she will be doing in the future, one can be sure she will be brighten the days of those she is doing it with. Hopefully, in her time at Morse she has inspired others to be-come nurses like her, or better yet, shown us all how to heal the soul of one another with a simple smile and a warm greeting.

June 2016 Full Edition