By Gavin Ingrassia

mickThe interview that took 26 years to happen finally occurred on December 9, 2016 at Morse School. Two-time NY times #1 best-selling author and 3-time WWE World Champion, Mick Foley shared his experiences and insights in a live interview on JPI TV’s INSIDE Just Print It.

mick-foley“Everything in life I have learned…from my 31 years in wrestling,” said Foley. “It would be impossible for me to list them all. I would put the education I received on the road up against any of the education anyone has received at an Ivy League college or other institution of higher learning.”

In professional wrestling Mick was known as Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love,mick_foley_bio and Mick Foley. He wrestled around the world and made his fame by doing insane things. It was common for Mick to wrestle in rings wrapped in barbed wire. In one match in Japan, he wrestled Terry Funk with barbed wire instead of ropes, sheets of plywood wrapped in barbed wire and explosives. “Real barbed wire for those counting at home,”remarked the Hardcore Legend. And the ring was also rigged with explosives. At the ten minute mark of the match the ring exploded and the match continued with Foley and Funk left in bloody tatters.

In another memorable match from Germany, he had his ear ripped off as he had his head tangled in the ropes. He is missing his ear to this day.

His most famous match, and probably the most famous wrestling match in history, he was thrown off a 16 foot cell/cage onto a table where he separated his shoulder. Then he managed to climb back up and then got choke slammed by the Undertaker and broke through the top of the caged cell and fell to the ring landing flat on his back. He was unconscious and his tooth
ripped through his top lip, up through his nose.

rocky_0077Another of his signature moves was to be slammed on top of thousands of thumbtacks unfortunately intended for his opponents.

Foley took more abuse to his body than any other wrestler in the history of the sport. In one match against the Rock, Mick got hit 11 times in the head by a metal folding chair. These actions have caused numerous concussions which Foley has recognized and become an outspoken advocate for reducing head injuries in sports and entertainment.

It is the same Rock, who Foley, wrestling as Mankind at the time, won his first World Champion-ship. That is when WWE took off. That night, on another channel showing another wrestling show, 600,000 viewers changed channels to watch Mankind defeat the Rock! The WWE now took control of the wrestling world. ”Winning the world championship against the Rock was an incredible experience.” Mick continued “Every year, as the Rock gets bigger it makes me look better. Now I can say I beat the world’s sexiest man for the championship belt.”

s1090021Mick Foley’s favorite holiday is Christmas, everyone knows that. He celebrates Christmas all year round and makes it a big part of his life. “I like to think eve-ryone is a little bet nicer.” He even has space in his house dedicated to Christmas. ”We have an entire floor dictated to Christmas.” He still believes in Santa and so does everyone in the family. “He is real in the Foley house.” His philosophy is simple. “If you stop believing in Santa, that is when you start getting socks and underwear for Christmas.” It seems it would be in one’s best inter-est to continue to believe. “I still believe in Santa and I am in 51 years old,” he said.

s1090012He is also featured in a Movie entitled “I am Santa Claus.” This movie can be accessed on Netflix.

A well-known and famous writer of his own right, Mick offers advice to people who want to write. “Follow your passion. Time after time great books have been rejected time and time again. So just follow your dreams.” He also offers advice to those who want to become a pro wrestler. “If you want to become a pro wrestler I would stay away from that dream, but if you insist, you should go get proper training so you don’t get hurt. There are a number of reputable schools.”
You may know him from the Undertaker, you might know him from the Rock, but now you know him from Just Print It. We are always willing to wait for the best story.
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